Vally Cross


Valley Crossing is the technique of traversing across two high points by means of a rope stretched between them. Valley Crossing, the essence of matter is gravity; the essence of spirit is freedom READ MORE



                                      Location   campcalista is situated at the height of 4000 ft Above sea level... READ MORE



                                        Uttarkashi       The Chardham camp, Maneri is a property of Leisure... READ MORE



                                                               Rejuvenate with Teambuilding for  successful and productive companies. Efficient teamwork and effective leadership are the deciphering principles between good companies and great ones.For teamwork , adventure tour and to acquire new outdoor skills to spend awesome time together in the great outdoors?Send your valuable staff in group to increase their capacity and calibre as a team For teamwork in your business? If you have an energetic group that is ready to bounce through water, climb up a rock face, cross a small river, or hike in the wilderness then camp calista dhanaulti  in the middle of the forest away from the bustling city… no distractions – other than the amazing scenery, of course! Allow your team to cut loose, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun together!

At camp calista you will find an unusual mix of beauty, comfort and   adventure. Our camping chosen to ensure that you get to experience a unique activity driven holiday and mentally rejuvenating to give you a perfect place for conducting your Corporate Team Building & Motivating Out bound Exercises. start your day with nature walk and carry on to Team Building Exercises at the resort and other different locations at Dhanaulti. Members can also do various adventure related activities from the Resort, Hike to the nearby forest trek, eco park and more.